Why Mobile 
Event App ROI 
is B.S.

Many try to draw a straight line between mobile event apps and a positive financial return. However, the truth is far more complicated!

Before we dive into Mobile Event App ROI, first a question

What is the ROI of coffee? 

To keep attendees engaged

To wake attendees up

To cheer up attendees

(please choose a response above)

Yup! It’s all 3!

Coffee is a must and keeps attendees happy, alert and engaged. But consider this.

Food and beverage make up 33% of an event’s expenses. The ROI goes far beyond the money invested!

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The Limits of Historic ROI Formulas

Many try to draw a straight line from investment to return.

Reduced Print Costs

Sponsorship Opportunities

Increased Efficiencies

The ROI of
Your Mobile
Event App

While formulas like this are useful, they shortchange your big picture ROI.

The Big Picture ROI: 

Why Do you 


Put on Events?

(please choose a response above)

Again, it's all 3!

Most event organisers and attendees hope to make or encourage connections at events. Connections to brands. Connections to peers and colleagues. Connections to the industry at large.

It's these connections that will drive success.

of planners say their top event goal is increasing sales.2

of attendees come to connect to professional development, industry trends and networking.

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Mobile Apps Are How We Connect

Let's see if you know to what extent people truly connect with mobile apps.


The fear of being without a smartphone

What percentage of people suffer from this?

(please choose a response above)

We love our phones!

More than 40% suffer from nomophobia!

Mobile is how we connect to prospects, content, and each other.

of attendees aware of the opportunity, chose to download the mobile app offered.3

of event professionals said using an event app had a positive impact on attendee satisfaction.4

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The New Path to Mobile Event App ROI

We Consume Content on Mobile

We Consume Content on Mobile


of time spent on content & media is through mobile apps.5

Finding Relevant Content at Events is Stressful Arrow

Finding Relevant Content at Events is Stressful


of attendees find events stressful –especially when looking for the relevant sessions.3 What’s worse, 95% of customers tell others about a bad experience.

Yet Attendees Crave Access to Content Arrow

Yet Attendees Crave Access to Content


come to events for professional development, networking & industry trends. The right app makes finding content easy.

They Also Crave Connection to Each Other Arrow

They Also Crave Connection to Each Other


come to events for in person networking opportunities3

This Connection Builds Brand Equity Arrow

This Connection Builds Brand Equity

A survey of 4,500 consumers found a direct correlation between a great customer experience and loyalty.6

Brand Loyalty Arrow

And Brand Loyalty

Loyal customers spend 10X more than new ones.

It’s Also What Drives Positive Referrals Arrow

It’s Also What Drives Positive Referrals


of positive referrals come from your highest value, most loyal customers.7

Are you enabling the mobile connection?

Does your mobile event app deliver the essentials?

How well does your Mobile Event App connect you, and your attendees, to the things you and they care about?

Event Professional's Top 3 Most Important Mobile Event App Attributes8

Service & Reliability
Customer Service
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Attendee’s Top 5 “Must Have” Mobile Event App Features3

Session Info
Speaker Info

The Real ROI of Mobile Event Apps:
Connection to Your Brand

Mobile is how we all connect.

Mobile Event Apps are an event essential. Just like coffee.

Download the Inside the Mind of Event Attendees Report

A 2018 study revealing what attendees truly want in a mobile event app experience